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What To Expect In Our Services

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What to expect in our services:


The Bible, God’s Holy Word, commands His people to sing both to Him, as an act of worship, and to others, as a means to encourage and teach one another. We believe what we sing and how we sing matters. Each song is carefully chosen to make sure it’s words line up with what the Bible teaches. The music style in which we sing each song is conservative with simple, yet meaningful accompaniment. We invite you to join us as we sing to the Lord and to one another! If a song is unfamiliar to you and you prefer to simply listen, we invite you to follow the words in a hymnal or from the screen at the front. There is much to learn from and be encouraged by in the words of our hymns and spiritual songs.


The Bible teaches, and we believe, that prayer is the way in which the children of God communicate with their heavenly Father. We also acknowledge that, apart from God’s help, we can accomplish nothing of value for Him. So, we open each service with prayer to humbly ask for God to guide us in our worship and to bring our needs before him.

Scripture Reading

If you can’t tell already, we believe the Bible is vital to our daily lives. This time in our service is another opportunity to immerse ourselves in the words of God. We use the New King James Version of the Bible for all of our preaching, teaching and congregational reading. We stand during this time to honor God’s Word and we read aloud to encourage and strengthen one another. We invite you to read along with us! If you don’t have a Bible with you, there is one provided in the pew rack in front of you. You may also follow along on the front screen. If you do not feel comfortable reading aloud with us, we encourage you to simply read along silently.


Since we believe that God is the Giver of all things, we strive to joyfully give back to Him for all the material blessings He has so richly given to us. However, if you are visiting with us, there is no expectation for you to give. The offering is another act of worship that we, as a church family, are privileged to take part in. During this time, we invite you to follow the words on the screen as our instrumentalists play to the Lord.


We believe that God gave His Word in a precise fashion, so we primarily follow a pattern of expositional preaching and teaching (verse by verse) through the various books of the Bible. Currently we are working our way through Genesis in our morning services and 1 Peter in our afternoon services. Again, if you do not have a Bible with you, we invite you to borrow the one in the pew rack in front of you to follow along during this time.

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