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Glorifying God - Edifying Believers - Evangelizing the World

What to Expect

We assemble together regularly as a church with the express purpose of worshipping God and building up one another in the Christian faith. Our worship services are purposefully structured in an effort to worship God with the dignity and reverence that He rightfully deserves. Our music ministry is conservative and traditional in nature incorporating the use of timeless hymns and newer conservative spiritual songs. Believing that God gave His Word in precise fashion we primarily follow a pattern of expositional preaching and teaching through the various books of the Bible. In an effort to assist parents with small children a fully staffed nursery is available during all services; yet we desire to encourage families in their efforts to worship together and therefore welcome the inclusion of children within the services as parents feel they are prepared.

Why Baptist?

In a day when non-denominationalism is trending among many churches in the USA and abroad, ALBC remains committed to its historic Baptist roots.

What exactly do Baptists believe?  Following is a list of Baptist distinctives taken from Dr. Kevin Bauder’s book: “Baptist Distinctives and New Testament Church Order.”

  1. New Testament Authority – Baptists affirm the absolute, final authority of the New Testament in all matters of church faith and order.

  2. Believer Baptism – Baptists believe that Scriptural baptism requires first, proper subjects (those who have made a credible profession of faith in Christ as Savior), second, a proper meaning (a picture of the gospel that symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; a public profession of faith in Christ; and the believer’s first step of obedience to Christ), and third a proper mode (baptism by immersion in water).

  3. Pure Church Membership – Baptists hold that church membership is reserved for those who are regenerate, baptized, and seeking by God’s grace to walk obediently to the commands of their Master as outlined in the Holy Scriptures.

  4. Individual Christian Responsibility – Baptists believe that the priesthood of every believer and the soul liberty of every believer makes each Christian competent and responsible for fulfilling Christ’s mandates to the church.

  5. Congregational Government – Baptists believe that the final authority under Christ for making the church’s decisions is invested in the congregation as a whole.

  6. Separation of Church and State – Baptists believe that the best attitude of the state toward matters of religion is simply to ensure that people have liberty to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences.  The state has no right either to establish a religion or to prohibit its free exercise.

While other Christian churches and denominations may hold to one or more of these beliefs and practices, it has been the hallmark of historic Baptists to hold to all six.

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